Does Oj Simpson Really Committee This Crime?

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The question “did OJ Simpson really committee this crime?” has a lot of controversy. Before he was arrested, he was involved in a car chase with his friend Al Cowlings. He was supposed to turn himself in but instead he kidnapped his friend and tried to flee by threatening to kill himself while his friend drove his truck. While this was happening Simpson’s lawyer read a letter to the pubic that was written by Simpson stating, "First everyone understands I had nothing to do with Nicole 's murder. Don 't feel sorry for me. I 've had a great life ” (Bosco 17). This almost sounded like a suicide note. The public got involved with the car chase and they got some of Simpsons friends to talk him into turning himself in. This car chase and…show more content…
This trial began on January 25, 1995. The lead prosecutor, Marcia Clark, argued that Simpson killed his ex-wife in a despite of jealousy. The prosecution opened its case by playing a 911 call from Nicole Brown Simpson had made on January 1, 1989, which she expressed fear that Simpson would physically harm her (Bosco 7). The prosecution also presented dozens of expert witnesses the ranged on topics from DNA fingerprinting to shoe print analysis. Also what they concluded placed Simpson at the scene of the crime. A limousine driver, Allan Park, who was to drive Simpson to the LAX airport said that he could not contact anyone through the intercom at Simpson 's gate when he arrived at 10:35 p.m. Around 10:50, he saw a large figure enter the house, some lights came on, and Simpson answered the gate 's intercom. They then loaded some bags into the limo and left for the airport at 11:15 (Jones 9). He also stated that he did see a parked vehicle when they pulled away but he wasn’t sure. His testimony was rejected due to the fact of his uncertainty regarding the parked vehicle. Simpson hired six very expensive and popular lawyers who were Barry Scheck, Robert Shapiro, Robert Kardashian, F. Lee Bailey, Johnnie Cochran, and Alan Dershowitz. His lawyers argued that he was the victim of the police being racist and they also argued that the evidence was not properly handled and was contaminated by several people. Simpson 's defense team, who was later named the "Dream Team"

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