Does One’S Feelings Reflect Upon The Actions That He Or

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Does one’s feelings reflect upon the actions that he or she commits while one’s mind is overwhelmed with emotions? In Hamlet: The Prince of Denmark by William Shakespeare, Hamlet’s fourth soliloquy, “To be or not to be…” speech, is generally one of the most famous of those written for theatre. This speech, even a few hundred years later, is commonly known by individuals even if he or she does not know the play, Hamlet: The Prince of Denmark, itself. Throughout this essay, the soliloquy will be brought up in order to help determine the nature of Hamlet’s feelings throughout the whole play and whether or not his antic disposition is for real or just a fake act. In the play, Hamlet’s self-esteem is beginning to get really low, to the point…show more content…
The opening of the soliloquy demonstrates how easy it is to stop living. This speech could be being said by Hamlet because he knows that the king and Polonius were watching or just another way to convince those in the castle that he was going crazy even to the point of suicide. When Hamlet enters into this soliloquy, he is so set on getting his father’s revenge that he is overwhelmed with emotions and feelings throughout his thoughts that he is thinking about suicide. He feels as if it is an easy way out of the torment that he has to encounter everyday by witnessing the King, Claudius who murdered his father, be the husband to his mother, Gertrude even after doing what he did to her husband. In the end, he decides to live, because he wants to live in peace in the afterlife. This sorrowful state that he is in, not only comes from his father’s death, but also from his mother remarriage only a few weeks after the death of her husband to Hamlet’s uncle, Claudius, who is now the King of Denmark. This soliloquy spoken by Hamlet during this play worries some individuals with the concern over the concept on whether or not life is worth living. Would it be easier for one to just put an end to all the pain one may be facing in life than to “suffer/ the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” (Act III, Scene I)? The thought of suicide at times

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