Does Parenting Style Matter? It seems that way. Essay

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Every year, thousands of families welcome a new baby into their home. New parents today only want what is best for their children. The upcoming years are spent watching Disney movies, going to parks, taking vacations, and taking countless photographs of the new infant. As the child grows older, parents begin to develop their own style of parenting. Almost all those children brought into the world get to experience what it is to have a loving family, but for a small percentage, life is not so easy. While every parent’s intentions are the same, the parenting style they develop can have a great impact on their child. Parents with a more controlling parenting style often raise children with less confidence in themselves, a fear to express …show more content…
The parent allows the child to regulate his or herself as much as possible and if expectations are not met punishments rarely follow. Also the little rules and regulation as well as everything else is thoroughly explained and discussed with the child. Overall if the child disagrees, he/she is often accommodated and given what they want (Dewar, 2014). Located roughly in the middle of these two styles lies authoritative parenting. Authoritative parenting is an even balance of authoritarian and permissive. Authoritative styles have many rules and regulations and overall expectations of the child. Typically, the rules are discussed with the child and if believed to be fair, are negotiable. If expectations have not been met, the child will be spoken to and have the situation explained on how to improve for future events (Gwen Dewar, 2014). Punishments do exist in this style but rather than making the child fear them, they are given punishments to “remember and learn”. As opposed to authoritarians’ the child will be allowed to state his opinion and is given the opportunity to question things.
Over time, many studies have achieved a common objective; to group parenting behaviors into related clusters called parenting styles. Parenting styles, according to a 2007 article in the “Journal of Education and Human Development,” are a mixture of demandingness and responsiveness. Authoritarian parents are
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