Does Prenatal Events Affect Your Life? Essay

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Are humans just like animals and do we behave the way we do because we are pre programmed and we follow our instincts. During this semester I was on a journey to discover what sets us apart, and how much and what do we inherent from our parents. Is there such thing as a dictator gene? Why do we behave as we do? Does the stress your parents had affected your life? Is there such thing as free will? Can prenatal events be an influence on your political choice later in life? Are there genetic influences on sexual orientation? Because of the transgenerational effects, chances are that when parents are crewel, users of drugs and or alcohol, errors in the next generations can occur.
It 's just how organisms optimized during evolution. The same principles count for the evolution of behavior. We all want the Nash equilibrium. Charles Darwin did not discover evolution. He had a mechanism how to work it. Chance over time, are the traits in populations. We can build on this in a few easy steps. Traits are heritable and genetic. The variables occur in different ways. Some versions are more adaptable than others. It 's all about reproduction and the amount of copies of your genes you can pass on to the next generation, and when a mutation happens, you can get large chances in a population. This is also the case for behaviors.
We can take a skull and just by looking at it, we can determine what type of animal we are dealing with. The next step is to figure out what kind of behavior the
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