Does Punishment Deter Crime?

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Running head: EFFECTS OF PUNISHMENT Does Punishment Deter Crime? Does Punishment Deter Crime? During biblical times crime not only affected society, but it was believed to have also been directed towards God himself. The Bible is the oldest book to reference with many directives to living life peacefully and without revenge. As retribution is considered a form of punishment, if not the first, the Bible itself explains that the punishment should not exceed the crime. Matthew 5:38 states, “You have heard that it has been said, eye for eye and tooth for tooth”. This passage is meant as a way to explain that the punishment should fit the crime. As a member of society, the offender was punished equally as brutal as the crime…show more content…
Some might argue that it has caused an increase in the number of offenders who have since been incarcerated in the United States. Others believe simply that it is not the punishment of social protection that has caused this increase, but instead simply a sign of our times as morals become rarer. Violent criminals are not wanted by members of their community to walk freely amongst them. The only choice then, is to lock the violent offenders up. The offender is then incapable of committing additional crimes, at least temporary if serving a prison sentence, or permanently if executed. Tougher laws, sanctions, and public attitude have contributed to this rationale to protect society from violent criminals and drug dealers. Though many nations use society protection within their own country, the United States has more detainees than any other country worldwide. The type of punishment that deters crime most effectively is hard to determine. Each punishment is geared at preventing the offender from additional criminal activity, but is not necessarily effective in reducing the amount of crime in the United States. Most victims, and families of victims, are more concerned with seeking retribution. As with most issues of grave concern, the need to find a solution to the problem is a problem in itself. Prisons are violent places where criminals with a violent behavior or non-conforming attitude
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