Does Racial Bias Affect The Lives Of Americans? Essay

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White people have a 65% higher per capita income than African Americans. This is why we must look at the causes of this racial bias and the effects. We cannot ignore the obvious disadvantages minorities face in America. When examining the ways that systemic racial bias affects the lives of Americans, it is important to first define what systemic racial bias actually is. For the purposes of this research paper, it is the tendency of racism to exist in a specified process. Throughout the past centuries, the presence of this bias changed significantly but not disappeared. In an age of media at every turn, the can influence so much and be so powerful. Unfortunately, one of the most apparent outlets of systemic racial bias is this proclaimed media, which tends to reflect and produce social perceptions of Americans and results in impacts on all Americans. A well studied and common example of racial bias in media would be sports and their coverage. Many of the mainstream sports have disproportionate amounts of minorities as athletes, making it significant and unique. Some people doubt that racial bias is present in the media, but countless studies prove otherwise. Andrew C. Billings, a professor of sports communication at Alabama University, and Susan Tyler Eastman, an author that has published multiple books about media, performed a study on the racial bias present in college basketball games during the 1994 season. The study states that “three quarters of the 416 men’s
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