Does Racism Still Exist Today?

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One-thirty second of “Negro Blood” means you are black, despite that most whites have one-twentieth Negro ancestry (Phipps). Does racism still exist today? Not in the same way as it did many years ago, in 1865 slavery ended and in 1954 segregation ended. For a very long time being white was the greatest thing. Being white gave access to better opportunities and a better life. Since blacks endured this for so long they were way behind in living a life like the whites. Race has determined so much for so long if you would be a slave or not, if you would have a say or not, even where you were allowed to go and who to love. Back when the European explorers discovered people who did not look like them it started racial conflicts. They questioned if the natives where human and did not treat them as equals. In the nineteenth century Max Webber disregarded the biological explanations for racial conflict and emphasized the social and political factors which engendered such conflicts. Since Webber did this it began changing perspective on race. In the text is states that in the contemporary social science literature race is assumed to be a variable which it shaped by broader societal force. In this time race is not seen as difference in skin color but difference in status. Which made society believe one race is better than the others. Over the years the meaning of race has changed tremendously. For example, the existence of water is not based on collective acceptance, or
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