Does Reality Shows Prevent Or Promote Teen Pregnancy?

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Does Reality Shows Prevent or Promote Teen Pregnancy? Reality shows that are based on teen pregnancy like 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom sheds light about the troubles on becoming a teen parent, finishing high school and struggling to buy the baby’s need and wants. Lately, these shows are stirring a debate if they are trying to support or avoid teen pregnancy. And this topic is important to the public, because it relates to the young community’s future. Young girls and boys can watch these shows and have different outlooks about having a child. Sometimes, glamorizing teen pregnancy on television might confuse the young community, because they can be fickle at times. They might think it is acceptable to be pregnant so young and others will consider waiting until marriage. Reality shows can either encourage or discourage teen pregnancy based on the individual’s mentality.
Firstly, young girls who watch the shows might want to be pregnant in order to be famous. In her Opposing Viewpoints article, Kroll said, “This created a media frenzy. These girls became celebrities in what seemed to be overnight”. Some girls might have a gullible misconception about the teen parents on the shows. They do not know that they have to handle the hardships on taking care of a child along with having the “fame and fortune” lifestyle. Additionally, young girls might think it is alright to be treated unfairly because it is being televised. The cameras are capturing moments that contains domestic

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