Does Religion Affect Our Lives?

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Nowadays mixed marriages become very popular and partners in such marriages are very happy and satisfied with their choice. But is this really true? Religion can play a vital role in the way people relate to each other, particularly with interpersonal dynamics within a family. Until recent decades, the idea of a marrying outside the faith was practically unheard of, if not taboo. Such weddings took place in private ceremonies, not in a church sanctuary in front of hundreds of friends and family. We believe marriage is something that is made by the relationship between two individuals, not their families, their friends, or their religious authorities. All these people are involved in the relationship, and their traditions and their habits…show more content…
Research showed that marrying someone of another faith tended to improve one’s view of that faith. There are many advantages to an interfaith marriage and growing up as a child within an interfaith family. Genetics between different cultures and races vary drastically. When these races are blended together, children can benefit. Each race has their own set of diseases or an increased rate of diseases. When children are born from a mixed marriage, their risk of developing a disease that is higher in a particular race can be reduced. Also, rather than being defined by one single religion, children from interfaith marriages have the advantage of experiencing two different religions. Instead of growing up with one faith, children within interfaith marriages feel more free to explore their own beliefs. The child would be more aware of the various faiths that exist and would be more tolerant of other religions. Allowing the child to take part in both religions will give them a more complete picture of what faith is about and lead them to eventually make their own decisions about what they believe. Another positive aspect is that interfaith marriage can also strengthen the bond between the couple. In terms of religion, the couple would have to be very open with communication and willing to occasionally compromise on things like holidays and traditions. Interfaith marriages will
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