Does Religion Cause War?

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Religion is a cause of all wars, is a phrase which is often heard and said by many. The question here is, does religion really cause wars? It may not be the reason for all the wars that have taken place since this world came into existence but several wars which have been fought in the past and today are done so on the basis of religion. Religious wars are ones which are fought and then justified by religion. These wars can involve one nation fighting against another who have different beliefs and they can also involve people of the same religion fighting but who belong to different sects. Since the beginning of time, it has been in human nature to wage wars because of religion. There are several reasons as to why religion may lead to war. Firstly, there have been instances where people from one religion have tried to compel others to adopt their beliefs. Humans have an innate tendency to wants others to submit to what they believe in and with war this can be accomplished. Another reason as to why war is caused by religion is that nations go on war with different nations not to convert but to wipe them out because they assume that they are not fit to populate a particular geographical area. In one way or the other, it is merely expressing biasness against a religious group that does not confer to one's own beliefs. Lastly, nations or people go on war with one another not to convert or eliminate them from a particular area, but because the level of trust between them is

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