Does Religion Really Allow Cloning?

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Does Religion Really Allow Cloning? I personally think this is a very controversial topic as, I do not think the idea of cloning was even thought of, when any type of religion was established. But to my surprise, many different religions have views on cloning, in the Quran (Holy Book Of Islam), Bible (Holy Book Of Christians) and also the Torah (Holy Book Of The Jewish). The rise of the current age and the "period of reason" triggered the beginning of cutting edge exploratory investigations and modern ideology that transforms society like a phenomenal power. Science is the learning about the world, particularly taking into account examination and testing and on actualities that can be demonstrated. An ascending science, biomedical examination, as of late have demonstrated an awesome potential in managing the world into a brighter future, where irremediable illnesses can be cured, deficient organs can be supplanted and new limits can be pushed. Regardless of the debates in regards to the ethics and morals of cloning, foundational microorganism research and in vitro preparation, the headway of such medicinal examination exhibits the unlimited conceivable outcomes for humanity that is generally choked by religious confidence and good ambiguities. Like most technology that precede human medicine analysis, the grounds to new discoveries evolve bit by bit although innumerable experiments and exploration into unmapped grounds, ultimately generates a helpful map of where we are,
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