Does School Promote Or Inhibit Creativity?

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Does School Promote or Inhibit Creativity? Imagine a world where students were able to freely express themselves, or a world where students could be who they want to be and make a place for themselves as thriving, successful individuals. Creativity is becoming less and less evident in the public school system and it is not receiving the attention it deserves. Not only are students taught that mistakes are the worst thing they can make, but as soon as children start school they are being shaped to fit into a mold of what teachers think make perfect students, and this causes creativity to be shut down at an early age. Although schooling gives students a number of opportunities to learn, grow, and expand their minds, school does not promote creativity or let students' creative sides flourish. The first reason to show that schools do not promote creativity is that students cannot fully grow themselves in their learning because everything is graded or scored. Instead of learning from mistakes, they are shut down and given a number to show their intelligence. Normally children take chances; when they do not know, they go for the unknown. If they get something wrong, they learn from it. Then children go to school, and they are taught that mistakes are the worst things they can make. Ken Robinson says in his video on that "[students] are given a number to tell them how smart they are." In addition, someone’s intelligence should not be based solely on scores on vocabulary
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