Does Sex Sell?

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When you go to Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA), we are bombarded with huge billboards in hope to catch the attention of passengers, which include pictures of people in lingerie or underwear. A few months ago, there was a controversy surrounding the Philippine Volcanoes, a Philippine rugby team, for posing too provocatively for an underwear company in EDSA. It was deemed “inappropriate” by the mayor of Mandaluyong, Benhur Abalos and Valenzuela mayor, Sherwin Gatchalian (Naredo & Pedrasa, 2011). Many were offended by how many innocent children can perceive those titillating images. These scantily clad models that are in the billboards are made to sell and appeal for our sexuality to our human instincts.
Sexuality is both an attribute
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This shows how much people are offended with putting vulgar images in advertisements. However, There is a slight problem with her research since the survey did not connect with how much demand for products that are advertised vulgarly.
This research paper will answer the question if sex does sell among college students, both male and female gender. However, this research could be biased since not all are comfortable about the topic of sex. Even though sex is supposedly normal, it is a social taboo in different families, religion, sexual orientation and region. The world has a diverse definition about what sex should be, some can be liberal and others can be conservative, hence some college students might not be comfortable or may lie while answering many of the questions in the survey. This may cause some errors with the study nonetheless this research still might help to answer the question, “Does sex sells?” and what are these images gives and influence to society.
Carlos’ hopes that this paper can answer the question, “If sex does sells?” I hope to determine whether putting sexual innuendoes in advertisements help people to remember and buy the product that are being advertised? Does putting too much sexual images change our view towards sex? What are the positive and negative effects it can have to the people looking at it? Should marketers stop putting sexual images on

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