Does Shakespeare Exist?

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Concluding his argument, he introduced the idea that scripts are like the Renaissance because they only existed to put on a play. Bevington proposes that we do not need to know everything about Shakespeare’s life, nor do we need all his handwriting samples and manuscripts. For example, we don’t even have any manuscripts of plays by some of the other famous playwrights such as Jonson, Marlowe or Webster, so why does Shakespeare seem like the only victim being picked on? Bevington makes a very good point that Oxford, being along the many other claimants to the true author only, make us more curious as to try to find an answer to a problem that may not actually exist. He closes by saying that this case crashes altogether because of the lack of motive and evidence that Shakespeare isn’t the true author by trying to find some other bard to fit this great genius’ profile. I find Bevington’s argument to be very in depth, defensive and vastly persuasive on behalf of the Stratfordian point of view.…show more content…
The site is run by the Telegraph Media group, in which, they review books, TV shows, music, photography and much more. The review I read, discussed Kurt Kreiler’s book- “The man who invented Shakespeare”, that was published in Germany. Books usually have more detail and information than a website, however I could not actually get access to nor read the book. Therefore, I attained this website that still contained all true information from the book, for I have checked out other book summaries to make sure this book analysis was
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