Does Social Media Affect Performance Of High School Students?

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3.How Does Social Media Affect Performance Of High School Student?

High school students are at a very dynamic stage of development in which whatever behaviours and habit developed during this phase will last them their lifetime their time spent on social media plays a crucial role in their life. Social media is a vivid service that enables direct interaction between individuals. High school students can post photos, information, chat and scroll in order to form a social identity of themselves (J.Healy,2015). This is why teens social lives are beyond important than their normal lives because it’s a place where teenagers can provide false information and form- however if social media can be used for educational purposes such as knowing the news around the world, posting a school survey, informing people about things, talking about homework or an assignment (Child Mind, 2014).
3.1-Health and Wellbeing
Teens always portray their positive side of their lives on social media therefore they post things after school to get more likes because this is the peek time for their friends being on social media. If someone gets more then one like jealousy is formed and their own posts will come down as one like or more has defeated them. This is why people represent online their live is the more enhanced version lives of us as people try to make themselves seem more smart than others whereas in reality they wouldn’t act that way. We are so busy online and eventually build another character

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