Does Social Networking Effect Our Society Negatively?

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Caitlin Larson
Dr. Roloff Welch
24 July 2014
Research Paper- Draft #1

Does Social Networking Effect Our Society Negatively? How many of you use some kind of social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest? According to Pew Research Centers Internet American Life Project states that “95% of all teens ages 12-17 are now online” and “81% of online teens use some kind of social media.” Social networking sites have grown tremendously since the past. Social networking sites allow individuals to create a private, semi-private, or public profile where they are able to connect with people. Social networking sites allow many people of different groups, such as age, race, religions, and locations to connect together. Social networking sites has many negative aspects that affect our teenagers in today’s society. Social networking negatively affects the younger generation in many ways, such as a decrease in academic performances, the addiction to social networking which takes away the meaning of life, and the rise in health problems associated with social networking. With the rise of social networking sites, academic performances start to become a problem for today’s teenagers. More and more teenagers are using social networking during the time they should be studying and striving for achievements in their academic performances. Now that social networking has become an issue and more available to our teenagers, it has caused the increase of…
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