Does Social Networking Have A Positive And Or Negative Affect On Individuals?

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Does Social networking have a positive and or negative affect on individuals? According to Susan Greenfield, a neuroscientist at the Oxford University, social networking has many negative affects. She claims that “ social networking is infantilizing the human mind, into a state of mind as of children. In my opinion, I agree with greenfield’s statement because many individuals are relying on their social media accounts for everyday use. However, social networking has greatly influenced the way individuals communicate with one another. An example of the positive effects of social networking include: reconnecting and or connecting with friends/family, receiving information, and building relationships. Social media has a positive impact on individuals in society because individuals are able to connect with one another via email, twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat, and etc. With more options of social networking websites, individuals are able to receive information about what is currently happening around the world, or even in their own town. Individuals are not only able to receive information within seconds, but inform others about what is going on in their daily lives as well as promoting their businesses. Lastly, social networking is being used for building relationships, because individuals are now able to communicate with one another from all over the globe. This results to new relationships being formed whether it’s finding a perfect spouse, or making new friends
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