Does Society Prohibit Mothers From Higher Education?

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Does Society Prohibit Mothers from Higher Education? A Review of The Literature In a society that requires higher levels of education in order to survive financially in current economic times, women are experiencing an increased field of setbacks in the academic world. As opportunity in western civilization has finally presented itself to women, it is young women who are beginning to face opposition of college success due to the call of motherhood. This literature review aids in considering whether the three previously mentioned approaches will offer a desirable outcome for solving the decrease in motherhood dropout. Who is at risk for dropping out early? What is keeping young mothers from school? How can mothers be encouraged back to school? College drop out rates are increasing to an all time high by unexpected pregnancy, due to financial drain caused by child care, tuition, and transportation. In order to experience a decrease in motherhood dropout, colleges must institute scholarships for young mothers, on-campus child care, and free transportation to and from school. Who Is At Risk For Dropping Out Early? “61% of students who have a child dropout of school[...] and The National Campaign’s Andrea Kane points out that the majority of unplanned pregnancies actually happen to women in their 20s, not teenagers” (Gault, etc, 2014 ). Research from The National Campaign states that women who are at the prime age for college education are in fact the very women who are

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