Does Sports Benefit Students? What Are The Disadvantages?

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How do sports benefit students?What are the disadvantages?what are the affects and effects of a student athlete? Sports can be beneficial in many ways.Higher grade expectations and attainment(source 1A) greater connections with school that is greater attachment and support from adults(source 1b),greater personal confidence and self esteem,more academically oriented friends,(source 1c),more restraint avoiding risky behavior(source 1d There are numerous to being a student athlete while attending high school having high grades and positive behavior can lead to scholarships and school grant money to apply to the college u want to attend and there will always be higher level class to take in highschool such as iv courses other benefits of playing sports in can put students in a greater or better body condition The more the player/student is involved in the sports the more the competitive the player with be and can teach self discipline,teamwork and good work effect it will always encourage players to keep their grades up to be able to play in the next game or avoid being disqualified from the team due to a failed class. Sports will always keep trouble kids that have potential out of violence such a gangs and selling drugs.The better good influence people the better you will do my quote to other younger people who are coming up behind me ‘’You are who u hang around” meaning the type of people you surround yourself around will determine what u want to be
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