Does Stress Send You And The Refrigerator?

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46 Does Stress Send You to the Refrigerator? Here 's Help for that Unhealthy Habit For many of us, unpleasant emotions such as fear and anxiety are translated into a need to eat. We may develop this habit growing up, or in a new situation such as college. When I was at UCLA, my roommate and I used to stock up on “finals survival food,” as we called our habit. We would climb into her car, head to the biggest grocery store in Westwood, and pile our grocery cart high with bags of candy, cartons of ice cream, packaged frosting-covered cupcakes, boxes of chocolate cookies, and sugary sodas to see us through the sleepless nights and nail-biting stress of finals week. After college, that habit of using food as a way to manage stress seemed as natural as my morning requirement for a cup of coffee (or two) before I could face the rigors of getting dressed and out the door for work. And like other unhealthy habits — abusing alcohol, smoking, spending endless hours on the Internet rather than interact in person with others — it’s not so easy to change. How to Conquer Stress-Induced Eating Habits “Executives who cope well through stressful times tend to think of high stress situations as a challenge,” notes Julie Barnes, PhD, who is a clinical psychologist and credentialed alcohol and substance abuse counselor licensed in the state of New York. If possible, see if you can reframe your own situation “as a courageous, heroic, or life-transforming challenge,” to “change the way your mind
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