Does Technology Affect Our Way Of Life?

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The question we would like to ask is how does technology (most importantly ICT) influence our way of life*? In recent decades, mankind has experienced major changes in telecommunications technology, therefore changing how people behave within their environment. When it comes to lifestyle and our cultures, technological development and the products that resulted from them had in the past the primary function of making survival easier. But, in the modern world there seems to be a shift from using technology for survival to using technology as a platform for the development of new methods of communication and entertainment. People are looking for more ways to be entertained, thinking less and playing more. The digital world lets us live…show more content…
From the industrial revolution and the development of the steam engine and other technologies which have led to increases in our production capabilities to the information era of today giving us access to incredible amounts of information and processing power, the ICTs are changing the way people, work, learn, behave, and interact. With the proliferation of technologies which allows us to save more time one would think that the time saved would be used for understanding other cultures, meeting new people, strengthening and maintaining family relationships and communication more effectively with others, while this is the case for some technologies others have had the opposite effect leading to stress (due to constant stimulation through the constant use of devices), excess distraction (examples likes texting and driving, texting and walking, using devices in class), and Isolation even when in the presence of people ( you can have 3 people in the room but no one communicates because everyone is on their cellphones, or laptops or tablets) . We will analyze ICT in three sections, each dealing with one impact of technology, those aspects are technology in term of Leisure, Work and Education, and Family relationships and interactions. The first thing we will look at is
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