Does Technology Affect Us As Human Beings?

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The idea of how technology is affecting us as human beings is a largely argued topic nowadays. For example, a professor of science, technology, and society at MIT University named Sherry Turkle seems to claim that all this digital communication we have access to now is not such a good thing. Turkle has a sample of an essay of hers in the book, They Say, I Say. The name of the essay is “No Need to Call,” and Sherry Turkle 's claims could be implied by this quote from her essay, “subscribing to a new etiquette, claiming the need for efficiency in a realm where efficiency is costly.” Turkle believes that us using digital communication has costly repercussions to our humanity and our ability to have empathy to one another. However, this quote and essay has much more depth to it. When I first read Sherry Turkle’s essay I thought her claim was that all digital communication is bad, but it was not that simple. Sherry Turkle speaks of how digital communication is taking away from our human emotions and feelings such as empathy, but I believe her claim really is because of the amount we use it and how we rely on it to enhance our own social skills causing us to destroy our humanity. In the same book They Say, I Say, an author named Jenna Wortham has an essay about the same topic, but instead she claims digital communication is a useful tool for human relationships. Jenna Wortham writes about technology for “The New York Times.” Wortham opened my eyes about the topic even more. For
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