Does Technology Make You Lonely?

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Juan Benitez Quintero Professor: Cook English 101: Argumentation 16 November 2015 Alone with technology In the past years the loneliness among people has increase due to the new technology. A person feel alone no matter how many people are around them because they don’t look up from their phones. In todays world families eat in front of a television without talking instead of seating around the table they don’t talk because they don’t want to distract each other. People use technology to play games and to see videos instead of using it for education purpose becoming more lonely ("Does Technology Make You Lonely?"). We should eliminate technology like social media to start a face to face conversation for example people who use too much technology feel alone, lost and awkward. Did anybody knew that today teens consume almost eight hours of media per day for example they divide does hours in listing to music, video games, watching television, searching the internet, and finally social media. A study found that the time that they spend using technology has been growing since the year 1999 by one hour and twenty minutes also they say that more than 75% of teen have a cellphone. Another study say that an average human us the technology for one hour an a half minutes during the day. A person spends twenty three days each year using their technology and that is the same as three point nine years of their life spend using technology. People don’t need a clock anymore they can just
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