Does The Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program Work?

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Does the Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program Work? D.A.R.E., the acronym for Drug Abuse Resistance Education is a program that educates young children in elementary schools, middle schools and high schools intended for students in Kindergarten through to the 12th grade to prevent and decline drug and alcohol abuse, peer pressure, violence and many other potential future dangers for children. The program consists of lessons and activities that involve more participation, active learning, supplemental take home activities, and optimal lessons. D.A.R.E. started in 1983 in Los Angeles, because drug and alcohol abuse was overwhelming police departments and worrying neighborhoods. By 1989, the federal Bureau of Justice Assistance had…show more content…
suggestions and education because it is whether they choose to be in a gang, they choose to try a drug, they choose to take a sip of alcohol etc. Decision-making is the most important role in anyone’s childhood. Whether they are curious what certain substances may feel like or want to feel included or a part of something. Another important role is one’s youth social influences. Is that youth hanging around with the right crowd? Whether they play on the playground or hang by the bleachers smoking. Kids that are associated with other kids that do drugs or drink alcohol can lead to bad influences. Parents are also an important reason why their kids may be trying different substances because they may not have total control over their children and may not care. Many children today, have parents that do not care when their child will come home at night, may not care what they eat, what time they go to bed or who they hangout with. Parenthood is a very significant role in any of their child’s childhood and upbringing. Although Drug Abuse Resistance Education is there to educate young children and teach what the right choices you should make when offered a drug, alcohol, be in a gang, a smoke and many other potential dangers, it does not work on all children due to their decision-making influenced by the social factors, environmental factors and parenting. Educating children is a very important aspect in growing up. Teaching them about what growing up will be
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