Does The Fox Have Courage To Challenge The Wolf

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LOKI WAS MEAN TO SIF AND CUT “I know all that may happen; much depends on ones efforts to forge one’s own destiny.” “You know why I am here?” Loki asked again. The goddess nodded; laying her spindle aside she unknotted her long fair hair and shook it loose about her shoulders. The shimmering hair caught the lamplight and shone almost as brightly as gold. “Does the fox have courage to challenge the lion?” she asked mischievously. Loki starred helplessly at Sif's intoxicating beauty, and then shook his head to clear his thoughts. He grabbed the shears from Sif's workbox and chopped off every strand of the goddess's shining locks. Loki stood in a deep carpet of shimmering hairs. He ran his fingers over the prickly tufts on the goddess's head;
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