Does The Government Have Our Best Interests At Heart Essay

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Does the government really have our best interests at heart? In the book Nimona by Noelle Stevenson the government clearly does not have the people's best interests at heart.In the book Nimona this statement is clearly represented by the institution when they are using jade root and when the institution traps Nimona. In the real world the belief statement is also represented by lobbyists and by non disclosure of information.
In the book Nimona the government goes against what is best for the people many times. One time was when they institution was using jade root. They didn’t have the people's best interest in heart because they were using the jade root ,which is a very deadly plant, behind the citizens back. The citizens didn’t find out about the jade root until Blackheart hacked into the institutions news broadcasting system and announced that the institution was using jade root (Stevenson 44). Also when the institution locked Nimona in the bubble made of jade root and forced her to shapeshift (Stevenson 191). This went against the people's best interest because Nimona
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The goal of a lobbyist is to petition members of the Congress, to vote on an issue that is important to their cause. Their cause is usually about making money for a corporation, and not for social justice or positive political action. Lobbyist can give money to members of congress in a roundabout way, like campaign contributions. Therefore, when it comes time to vote on an issue, that may matter to the people that the congress person is supposed to represent, they may already have been “bribed” by the lobbyist. So, the congressperson votes in will favor of where the got their money from and not in the best interest of the people. In that way the political process does not have the best interest of the people at
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