Does The Jury System Have The Importance We Invest Into It?

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Does the jury system have the importance we invest into it?

This question has left a question in many people’s minds. Does the jury system have the importance we invest into it? The jury is considered as a vital part of the UK law system, the jury system is a gathering of 12 people who sit in civil and criminal trials and make decision with the information collected. The jury system has an approximate 800 years of history. Early jurors in England had different roles compared to the jury system in the 21st century, their position was to act as witnesses which provided reports of local associations which was also called dark ages. However, the role of the jury today is to know as little knowledge about the case before the trial. The Juries Act 1974 is a very substantial part of the jury system and has helped to change the jury system in the UK. The Juries Act is “an Act to consolidate certain enactments relating to juries, jurors and jury service with corrections and improvements made under the Consolidation of Enactments (Procedure) Act 1949.” In my legal skills and process assignment I will be discussing the if the jury system has the importance we invest into it, advantages and disadvantages of the jury system, how a jury is selected, trials by jury, trials without a jury and what the English legal system could learn from published jury research.

There are many advantages of having a jury system in the UK, first and most importantly having a jury system provides certainty…
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