Does The Jury System Have The Importance We Invest Into It?

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Does the jury system have the importance we invest into it?

This question has left a question in many people’s minds. Does the jury system have the importance we invest into it? The jury is considered as a vital part of the UK law system, the jury system is a gathering of 12 people who sit in civil and criminal trials and make decision with the information collected. The jury system has an approximate 800 years of history. Early jurors in England had different roles compared to the jury system in the 21st century, their position was to act as witnesses which provided reports of local associations which was also called dark ages. However, the role of the jury today is to know as little knowledge about the case before the trial. The Juries
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In a criminal case the defendant is accused of guilty or not-guilty, the jury do not need to give a reason for their decision therefore the judgment is not open to discussion. This makes the jury system role a significant part of trials. A large number of the public has accepted jury verdicts which is also a reason why the jury system is efficient and has been successful for many years. As well as the publics acceptance the jury system also provides citizens an opportunity to get involved in their communities which indicates that the jury system has a positive impact on the public.

As well as advantages there are many disadvantages of having a jury system in the UK. The first example of a disadvantage is that the jury is not always fair, judges and juries are strictly not allowed to speak or research about the case before the trial. However, there have been examples of jurors using the internet to carry out their own research. An example of this is “Kasim Davey, 21, of London, wrote a strongly-worded Facebook message during the trial of a man for sex offences. His posting - containing strong language and an offensive word - suggested he was going to find the defendant guilty, said BBC News home affairs correspondent Danny Shaw.” This is a great disadvantage because the jury could change their mind once they have researched into previous cases on the defendant or further detail about the current trial. This shows that the
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