Does The Language Shape The Way We Think?

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Does the language shape the way we think? Have you ever had the feeling that speaking another language changes how you think? Could speaking a new language take you to a different perceptual world? Or is language just a set of labels for universal thoughts or ideas? (Shaules, 2015) Many brilliant thinkers have spent their entire lives working on these kinds of topics for over a century. When it comes to linguistic relativity, “The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis”, first proposed by ‘Edward Sapir and Benjamin Lee Whorf seventy years ago, states that the language we speak does shape the way we see the world and has an important role, it remains the dominant hypothesis in the field of language and thoughts. (Sapir, 1921) Whorf, is one of the first person who spoke up about relationship between language and thoughts. He said, “Language shapes our mindset and determines what we can think about, also language is not simply a reporting device for experience but a defining framework for it.” In 1940, he also published a science magazine about his idea toward language and thoughts. In this book, he argued that “our tongue prevents us from understanding concepts outside our language.” (Whorf, 1940) According to the book, he believes that we can get different ideas and another perspective by learning a new language. First of all, we have to pay closer attention to time when speaking English. You should be careful with tense, otherwise, what you are talking about will not make any sense or
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