Does The Media Cause Aggressive Behavior?

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To what extent are we a product of innate, inborn tendencies, and to what extent are we a reflection of experiences and upbringing? This the famous “nature versus nurture” debate. For decades, psychologists have argued about the relative influence if heredity (genes) versus environment (experience) on thought and behavior. More recently, psychologists have begun studying the extent to which genetic differences only appear in specific environments, and the extent to which certain experiences only affect people with particular genetic predispositions (Champagne, 2009). This complex issue surfaces most clearly in our discussion of behavior genetics, intelligence, development, personality, and abnormal psychology (Morris & Maisto, p. 5).
Both genetic
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Various scholars, political groups, and organizations have reported that there is clear and consistent evidence that violence in the media causes real-life aggression and violence. In June of 2000, a number of American medical and psychological associations, including the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association, issued a joint statement about the pathological effects of entertainment violence (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2000). According to these groups, evidence points to a causal association between media violence and aggressive behavior in some children. Some scholars have evaluated the magnitude of media violence effects on violent behavior as almost as important as gang membership (Anderson, Gentile and Buckley, 2007). However, there is ongoing debate as to whether there is a causal relation between media violence and aggression. Furthermore, the importance of this relation, and whether it warrants widespread concern, is highly disputed (Mc Charles,…show more content…
The answer is simple. Aggression cannot be credited to just one origin. Biological and environmental factors are complementary in understanding the origin of aggression. The traditional phrase for the debate nature versus nurture should be re-phrased as nature being nurtured. A normal person must be provoked and aroused to act aggressively. A person may have a genetic predisposition to aggression, but the act would not occur unless certain environmental influences are present. It is best to approach the nature nurture debate from a position that embraces both viewpoints in order to truly understand the basis of aggression. Biology provides the instrument for aggression, but environment teaches us how to use them (De Souza, 2007). I think that this is how I see it, after researching the topic of Nature and Nurture
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