Does The Otl Mathematics Instruction For Conceptual Understanding Matter?

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Does the OTL Mathematics Instruction for Conceptual Understanding Matter? Some studies have shown that preservice teachers and in-service elementary teachers have knowledge gaps in their mathematics content and pedagogical content knowledge (e.g., Ball, 1990; Ma, 1999). The knowledge that teachers have for teaching influence their instruction and the lack of such can limit how they teach mathematics for understanding (Borko & Putnam, 1996). For this reason, teacher preparation programs and professional development forums should emphasize and provide the opportunities for learning to teach mathematics for conceptual understanding. Not only do such opportunities build on preservice teachers’ mathematics content knowledge, but they also introduce them to the new ways of teaching mathematics that they may not have experienced in their earlier mathematics learning. The findings from this study suggest that frequent experiences in learning mathematics for conceptual understanding through particular strategies is related to an increase in PSTs’ knowledge about teaching mathematics. In particular, more opportunities that allow PSTs to learn to show why a procedure works was significantly related to the average PSTs’ increase in content knowledge between the teacher preparation programs in the United States. Similarly, within the Polish generalist, United States specialist, and Russian teacher preparation programs the relationships between the OTL to show why procedures work and

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