Does The Republican Establishment Really Want Donald Trump?

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Does the Republican establishment really want Donald Trump to get out of the race? Do they want him to tone it down? Or is there genius in Donald Trump 's method. Is Trump just the canary in the mine? The punditry has been speculating for months about Donald Trump 's ultimate political demise. They first said he wouldn 't run because he would refuse to file the necessary financial disclosures. When he said he would file it, they said he would take advantage of the filing extension. When he filed, they said it would not be long until he left the race. When he disparaged John McCain, they said that would be the last straw. It wasn 't. When he insulted Latinos they said it would bring his numbers down. It didn 't. When he insulted Fox News ' Megyn Kelly, the anchor all Conservatives love, they said his political demise was near. His poll numbers went up. I flew to a Coffee Party USA board meeting last week. Seated next to me were two Southern women. One was from Louisiana and the other was from Texas. They both sang praises to their own governors, Bobby Jindal and Rick Perry respectively (in the case of Perry, former governor). The person they admired the most however was Donald Trump. Think about that. Two Southern women that seemed as if they could have been members of the group United Daughters of the Confederacy, were smiting by this northeastern plutocrat, the northeastern billionaire. They both liked him because he said what was on his mind. The woman from Louisiana, a
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