Does The Rule Of Law Protect Our Liberty?

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Does the rule of law protect our liberty? Introduction As individuals we have unique ideas about what liberty means to us. The key factor of liberty is the right to freedom and equality. This means being in control of the decisions we make about our lives and choice of lifestyle we choose without restraints from the law or other people (Fried, 2005). Within this essay it will discuss whether the rule of law protects our liberty. It will examine the poll tax in reference to the essay question and look at how the poll tax crushed the liberty of the United Kingdom. It will also look at the fascinating history of piracy and refer back to it to give us solid ideas of liberty and the rule of law in that era and how it differs to the 21st century. The essay will establish solid arguments for the rule of law and explain and discuss why it is fundamental we continue to practice the rule of law. But with that in sight this piece of work will also look at some of the issues held with the rule of law and consider how the rule of law may be ignored and manipulated in certain countries, causing chaos and crushing its nation’s liberty and freedom to legal rights. Rule of Law Definitions of the rule of law can be blurred unclear at times, the easiest way to define what the rule of law is, is to start by looking at 4 main principles. Firstly it recognises that everyone is accountable under the law, regardless of status or position within society such as politicians and the government it’s
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