Does The Uk Stand? Profit From Brexit? Essay

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Does The UK Stand to Profit from Brexit? The United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union has been an hotly politicized and debated topic. There are many nuanced social and economic consequences of the Brexit vote, and many major news outlets in America have generalized and exaggerated the decisions as a disaster. The intent of this paper is to more closely examine the implications and repercussions of the Brexit vote and to determine if the UK will potentially be more positively affected by the change than commonly believed. Research pertaining to the EEA member Norway and its non-member status in the EU, the foreign direct investments in the UK, and on immigration patterns and benefits in the country allow for a more detailed understanding of the possible advantages to the Brexit vote. The research presented below will explicate the likely consequences of the UK emerging as a separate entity, absolved from the limitations and economic responsibilities of the EU, and how the topics of trade, immigration, the EEA, and FDI’s suggest that perhaps the UK stands to gain economically from the vote. One of the major social and economic issues that led to Brexit was the large amount of immigrant labor in the UK. Since being a member of the EU grants citizens the right to work and live anywhere within its borders regardless of employment status, this policy may have been a catalyst for Brexit. The climate in the UK appears to be very similar to that of the US and the

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