Does The World Have A Or Temporal?

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Does the world have a (temporal) beginning? Discuss.

In this essay I am going to put forward arguments for and against the idea of the world having a temporal beginning. I will start by outlining the basic problems of this debate and show why I intuitively believe in time having a beginning. I will then delve deeper into this debate to try and support this idea and show how I will possibly have to look to other areas, such as science, in order to prove my point.

First of all I will start of with Kant and how he gave the basic problem of there not being a beginning in time which first gives me the intuitive belief that surely time has to have a beginning. Kant says that assume that the world has no temporal beginning, this would mean that there must have been an infinite amount of time and moments leading up to where we are now in the present day. Kant argues that it is impossible for all the parts of the series of infinite time to be finished all in succession which would mean we never would have got to the present, but of course we have. This means time must have had a beginning. I feel this is a strong argument automatically making me think it is impossible for time to not have had a beginning but I will have to continue to find stronger arguments in support of this.
On the other hand there is a simple problem with the whole idea of time having a beginning, though I think this is less inviting then the previous argument. This is that surely time can’t have a beginning as…
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