Does This Milkshake Taste Funny? Essay

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Does The Milkshake Taste Funny? George Stein, a college student employed for the summer by Eastern Dairy is faced with an ethical dilemma. His co-workers don’t care about proper procedures required in ensuring that the milkshake produced during the shift is hygienic and safe for human consumption. The milkshake that is produced is usually delivered to fast-food restaurants and drive-ins. George had less than a minute to think about his choices and must decide if he is going to remove the filters from the plant's piping and, thus, allow the current production run of milkshake mix to be contaminated with maggots or refuse to remove the filters, and report the maggot problem to management. Removing the filters will save the company money,…show more content…
Paul told George that no one will know that they removed the filters, the company will save money and they will go home on time.  Lack of supervision. George is used to being told what to do. His parents are the ones who persuaded him to go to college. He is still young and in college, not used to making decisions. Employees, no matter their task, must have the proper instruction and training to ensure that they are doing their jobs correctly, and with minimal risk of error or injury. This is also evidenced by the fact that he and Cathy had planned for Cathy to support them with her earnings after they start their life together. Supervision influences groups’ behavior towards task accomplishment. It was only when leaders’ effectiveness at different levels was considered that performance improvement occurred. Although Reich (1994) claimed that organizations are redesigning workplaces and work practices and enhancing workers’ autonomy and responsibility to tap their full potential, he admitted that such changes require organizing self managed groups into teams that strictly share a common vision. George participated in the group’s activities which included story-telling and horseplay. The rest of the night crew would probably agree with Paul and George would do the same as they have always had something in common.  Age. Ruegger and King (1992) suggested that age is a determining factor in making ethical
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