Does This Milkshake Taste Funny? Ob Hbs Case Essay example

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Case Analysis of “Does This Milkshake Taste Funny?” The case “Does this milkshake taste funny?” presents a situation, where company employees were confronted with an ethical decision. Their thoughts and actions were shaped by several factors, including their personal moral values and the corporate culture engendered by the management of the company for which they work. This case provides an example of how a lack of a code of ethics or ethical training within a corporation can lead to negative consequences. The major players in the case are the night shift employees of Eastern Dairy, and the management of this company that set up the rules and expectations for the night shift. The background and the ethical situation …show more content…
The management of this corporation, however, was only interested in in the nightly completion of production orders and the cleanliness of equipment at the end of the shift. Eastern Dairy seemed to have a singular focus on economic responsibility, at the expense of ethical responsibility. This influenced Paul’s mindset about his own responsibility during the shift and his decision during the ethical situation described the case. The ethical situation arose when, during one of the shifts, George discovered that the pipeline filters were becoming clogged up with solid matter composed of maggots that have gotten into the mix running through the production line. This disconcerted George, but Paul told him that maggots occasionally got into the bag of ingredients for the mix and that the filters would catch them. George stopped the pumps, cleaned the filter and the equipment was restarted. However, it soon became apparent that the filters kept clogging up, and the process of continuously cleaning them would not allow the workers to run the last 500 gallons of the mix. At this point, Paul told George to run these 500 gallons without the filters, claiming that the rest of the process will pulverize the maggots and kill any bacteria. George, however, felt uneasy about this, thinking about the kids who would drink the milkshakes

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