Does Tsotsi Deserve Second Chances In Life

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Don’t you think we all deserve second chances in life? David A.K.A “Tsotsi” is a young boy who is being convicted for murder and assault and battery. However, he has lived a life where he has known nothing about his past and he has gotten little hints from things he's noticed impacted him the most. I believe Tsotsi is guilty for the crimes he has committed and should be charged for them, but i think we should take note on the improvements he has made on his life since these crimes. I think jail time is a must for Tsotsi but i recomend we can give him 2 years and have another trial to see his improvement since he was convicted; if we see that he has become a better person and has gained some self control we should let him do rehab until he has…show more content…
Tsotsi should also be charged with Assault And Battery because he brutally struck boston and kicked him with his boots on, this could have killed boston so he should be charged with it. Page 26 and 27 it tells us about tsotsi attacking boston because he was mad about what boston said, “He brought one of his arms down in a wide swinging arc, catching Boston full on the parted lips with his clenched fist… with a kick at Boston's elbow he sent him sprawling”. This shows that even after he knocked Boston on the ground he didn’t stop and he decided to kick him with full force to send him rolling across the floor. This makes Tsotsi have 2 felony charges on him, Assault and Battery and Murder of Gumboot…show more content…
So tsotsi has really shown growth in his mind and is starting to change his way so i believe we shouldn’t hold him in jail for the rest of his life, this is why i say we give tsotsi 2 years of jail and rehab for another year if we see more improvement in him while he's in jail. If we keep him in jail for longer he will most likely adapt to what it’s like to be a criminal again and once he’s out he will continue to murder and beat people up, also in Barack Obama’s Weekly Address speech he talked about us needing to reform our justice laws. He also mentions what i think would be best for Tsotsi’s case when he says “I believe we can help those who have served their time and earned a second chance get the support they need to become productive members of society”. This shows that Obama agrees that some people in prison have really long sentences but they are improving and changing from their past in jail, so he wants to help them get used to the society changed they missed out on when they were in jail and make them a helpful member of the community. I feel this is what Tsotsi would need to help him learn what’s right from wrong since the apartheid has really affected some of his actions in a negative way. Having Tsotsi in this support program will help him become a new person to help the
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