Does Wearing School Uniform Have An Influence On Student 's Behavior?

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Research Question:
Does wearing school uniform have an influence on student’s behaviour?

Review of Literature:
The debate regarding whether the students should have to wear school uniform has been prevalent for many years. For example, some people insist that wearing uniform can really make a difference in a student’s academic performance, while others do not. There are still a lot school boards and parents arguing about it. Wearing school uniform has its advantages and disadvantages, but the point is that it has influence on students in many ways. No studies have made it clear yet how wearing uniforms could affect students, but there are diverse opinions by experts.

According to a Long Beach Superintendent, having wearing uniform policy decreased school criminal activities by thirty-six percent, school violence by fifty-one percent, and vandalism to the school dropped eighteen percent (Constitutional Rights Foundation, n.d). California’s Long Beach unified school district also found out that after they introduced uniform policy in 1994, the crime rates dropped by seventy-six percent and attendance ratings have never been higher. However, it doesn’t prove that the uniforms led to these declines. There are many other reasons that may affect these problems (Svensen, n.d.).

On the other opposing side, Tony Volk an associate professor Brock University researcher who has done research on bullying, insists that there is no evidence for the decline in bullying due to school
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