Does Your Degree Affect Your Future Job? Essay

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Does Your Degree Affect Your Future Job? Everyone sets goals for themselves in order to attain the most important goal of all: to get somewhere in society. Many people believe the only way to get anywhere is to have a good job and to earn a lot of money from it. Nowadays, higher education is becoming a desirable quality employers like to see on their future employees’ applications. How much value does your degree hold in the eyes of your future boss? Opinions of the value of higher education vary from person to person. Personally, I believe a college degree means more to businesses than just having made it through general education. Mike Rose tells us that “…for [Uncle] Joe the shop floor provided what school did not; it was like…show more content…
Professor Hegeman states “I do believe that earning a college degree in a major that requires significant effort does improve a new graduates' chances of being hired, regardless of the job,”(Hegeman) Mr. Purtle agrees by saying “[A higher education] shows employers motivation to do the job, and it shows you really want to get somewhere in the world. It means that you wanted a higher education enough to earn it, so you will earn your place in the job as well,”(Purtle). Most managers want someone for most positions who have some sort of degree because it doesn’t just mean that you know your basic skills. Employees want to know you have a broader range of skills that you could use in the work place. While Hegeman thinks that “…the quality of education (in terms of rigor) at 4-year institutions is significantly better than that provided by community colleges,”(Hegeman). She also believes that some college is better than no college. Sometimes a degree means a broader range of knowledge and sometimes it shows that you are truly qualified for the position being offered to you. Sometimes if your degree is not for the field you are applying for, a person still has a better chance at getting that second interview than that person carrying around only their high school diploma. For example a student may have a degree in biology and are competing for a job against a person who has been out of high school for nearly a year. Who is going to be more appealing education wise to a

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