Does Your State Have Any Laws That Prohibit Predatory Activities against Children?

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In the state of Indiana, there are specific regulations that prohibit activities that are predatory against children. This is taking place under Section IC 35-42-4 of the criminal code. The different provisions of the law that deal with these issues include: rape, criminal deviant conduct, child molestation, the exploitation of a minor, sexual conduct in the presence of a juvenile, solicitation, seduction, sexual battery, sexual misconduct with a minor, inappropriate communication, using the Internet to target children and it is providing guidelines for the registration of convicted sex offenders. These different elements are demonstrating how the state has strict guidelines that are designed to protect children. (Hall, 2012) (Scheb, 2008)
What types of crimes are codified into law, misdemeanor or felony? The kinds of crimes that are codified into the law include: rape, molestation, deviant conduct, exploitation, solicitation, seduction, battery and inappropriate communication. These laws are considered to be a felony under the Indiana criminal code. This is illustrating how there are number of specific activities that are seen as felonies under the law. (Hall, 2012) (Scheb, 2008)
What are the punishments? The punishments are anyone who is convicted of these crimes will have to spend at least two years in jail. At the same time, they must register…
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