Does Youth Violence Cause Juvenile Delinquency?

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One way of measuring youth violence, is to keep statistics and rates on serious violent crimes committed by juveniles. The research is mainly focused on the causes of juvenile delinquency and which programs have successfully made smaller or eliminated crime rates among the youth population. About 1% of all murders nationally, are mass killings. The FBI counted 172 cases of mass killings between 2006 and 2013. What seems to still mystify the professionals is trying to figure out the circumstances of those killings, the people who commit them, and the weapons they use and the forces that motivate them. Perhaps by keeping statistics on youth crimes, behavior motivations, family structures and preventive programs, will allow us to limit the…show more content…
They play an important role in bringing up a responsible citizen as part of the community. However, whether a parent is criminally liable for their child committing a murder, or a serious crime, should be considered in the context of the whole picture; they are deftly many serious questions that need to be asked and investigated. Did the parent take reasonable responsibility when their child exhibited dangerous behaviors or signs of questionable behavior and saw the child needed additional help? In these cases, would a reasonable parent respond or behave appropriately and take steps to prevent it. When the signs are clear, parents have a responsibility not only for their child, but also society. Especially, when a parent is involved or makes decisions that causes harm to their child, which in return plays a role in the unhealthy behavior of a minor child. In many of these cases, the young criminals lived in limbo, neither notice for their good behavior or punished for their bad, feeling like they are on the border of hell or heaven, most, neglected at a time in their life when they are lost and living in dark places and live in a world of make-believe. Dante Alighieri, a Italian poet and philosopher
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