Decline Of Presidential Power Essay

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A President’s power inevitably declines in a second term in office. Discuss. The term lame duck president used to mean a president who was in his last few months in office, after his successor had been elected. Now it is used to mean anything up to the last two years of his last, typically 2nd, term. Without the prospect of re-election, and time in office running out a president may seem to lose power and or focus, becoming weak and having little impact of the country as a whole. The media and members of Congress are looking ahead to the next election and administration. Since the ratification of the 22nd amendment in 1957, a president has been limited to serving 2 terms. Since, in his second term, the president is not up for …show more content…

Franklin D Roosevelt, who is cited as the most powerful president in the 20th century, led the USA through a world war and economic turmoil. Whilst their certainly is a trend for presidential power declining throughout their second terms, political circumstance is what ultimately determines how power a president can be. In a time of peace and with a healthy economy the president’s power is likely to decline during his second term EXAMPLE but in the case of war, economic turmoil or a nation XXXXXX like 9/11, the president’s power will be

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