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However Newburn (2009) also compares this to how prisoners are seen in the eyes of the law, he suggests that offenders should be seen as no different from anyone else in society. Rehabilitation programmes are being run within prisons. The media often criticises prisons for making criminals worse than actually helping them. Ramsbotham (2005) argues that prisoners are poorly educated on prison life before they enter, making them more likely to follow other inmate’s routines and behaviour. This means that while in prison offenders can be influenced by worse behaviour of other inmates. The Home Office (2005) shows that while in prison one in three prisoners use drugs. Another problem with rehabilitation in prisons is that the majority of offenders receive short sentences, this can affect their rehabilitation as rehabilitation staff are given a limited and insufficient amount of time to re-educate prisoners (Joyce, 2006). On the other hand key performance indicators have been implemented to monitor the effectiveness and success of the prisoner’s rehabilitation (Davies et al, 2005).
Security is another factor that relates to rehabilitation of offenders, which suggest that prisons are a primary place of punishment and not a place of rehabilitation (Joyce, 2006). Joyce (2006) also explains that the extent or availability of training and education is considerably influenced by inmate’s security and risk
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