Does the Caribbean Contribute to the Americanization of Its Media?

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“Do you believe Caribbean Media are victims or causal factors of the Americanization of Caribbean Culture?” There has been an ongoing debate as to whether The Americanization phenomenon, has been perpetuated by the media across the Caribbean. It must be stated, that the Americanization phenomenon, can be synonymous with Globalisation. Hence it very pertinent to the discussion, to first defines the denotative meaning of the term Globalisation. (Dr.Maria Alfaro) defines Globalisation as: “A phenomenon generated simultaneously by the application of new technologies, which overcome barriers of time space, and the generalisation of the principles of free trade in a market of world dimensions. In itself this phenomenon does not…show more content…
( As seen, the international free market is caused by globalisation. This poses solutions as well as problems for these developing countries. It may even be argued that the problems posed, far outweigh the ‘solutions.’ One of those problems associated with the free market is the threat posed to culture. (Jenniffer Mohammed, 2007 p.278). Mohammed highlighted the fact that most of the Caribbean countries are developing countries and need money from institutions such as the International Monetary Fund, Multinational Organisations and others. The only way to receive assistance is by yielding to conditions such as privatization. Then that would have been the outcome. It must be noted that privatization comes under the umbrella of Neo-liberalism and such meant that businesses owned by the Government was transferred to private ownership hence the term privatization. In a paper done By (Nickesha Gordon 2007) of Barry University, she stated that “Presently, Jamaican media are privately owned. Privatization affects the content shown on television by reorienting its distribution from the public to the private sphere which results in increase non indigenous programming, causing local systems to be just distributors of Western programming.” Gordon emphasised, “that media privatization allows free flow based on the fact that a free market means no barriers against the flow of cultural products.” In a programme analysis, Gordon found
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