Does the Environment of a Child Impact Their Development?

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Does the Environment of a Child Impact Their Development? There are many different aspects of environment that can affect the development of children. One major environmental impact that influences the development of a child is the neighborhood they are raised in. Within the neighborhood there are several other aspect of influence. Where a child is raised can affect their behavior, attitudes, emotions, personality, values, health, and so much more. This can be seen in their personal lives at home to their social lives around others in classrooms. The affects of a child’s development due to their environment can be seen in both a positive and negative aspect. The neighborhood that a child is raised in can be very critical in their…show more content…
But unfortunately it is what they are surrounded by and such easy access to. This differs when it comes to a family who does not have money struggles. Unlike a wealthier family, who may be able to afford getting healthy foods and fresh fruits and vegetables, they can afford supplying their child with healthier meals. As well as them being wealthier not working crazy hours a night in which they can come home at a decent hour and have time to make a healthy meal for their family. Being able to maintain a child’s health making sure they are eating properly is very important, especially since it will affect them in the future as they go through the different stages in life and hit adulthood. It is important for a child not to let their neighborhood pull them into all the different unhealthy habits they advertise. It is also important for a child to get physical activity. Environments certainly affect the way a child gets his or her physical activity. For example, living in a better neighborhood may have better opportunities for your children. Such as after school sports, or even just activities in the neighborhood., for example, taking karate classes. Growing up in a bad neighborhood may differ. Schools might not cater to many physical activities because children aren't as involved and parents are too focused on working
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