Does the Internet Make Us Smarter and or More Socialized?

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| Does the Internet make us smarter and or more socialized? | [Type the document subtitle] | | | | Work count: 2016 | Today, the Internet is the center of attention for businesses, governments, schools and individuals around the world. It has produced new industries, transformed existing ones, and has become a global cultural experience not only for adults but for children as well. It is a learning tool used to educate in schools and within our homes. The surfacing of the Internet as another means of electronic communication has had a transformative influence on social interaction. The Internet gives people the opportunity to put their knowledge to work and take advantage of greater opportunities to lead productive…show more content…
The Internet makes the world smaller. The ability to communicate and exchange information instantaneously and across enormous distances has enabled more individuals and businesses to participate in the economy, regardless of their location. Corporations can connect with suppliers, employees, and customers around the globe, and smaller businesses can find their customers anywhere in the world. Businesses can hire knowledge workers almost regardless of where they are, greatly expanding employment opportunities for people in the United States, and giving developing nations the ability to become economic powerhouses by providing information technology services to the rest of the world (Gates). The Internet, along with other computer technologies, is literally enabling some developing countries to "leapfrog" the industrial revolution and jump straight to the Internet Age (Malaspina 77). The Internet makes the world of business and teaching simpler. For businesses, the Internet breaks down logistical barriers, offering greater flexibility and power in the way they do business. It shrinks time and distance, simplifies complex business processes, and enables more effective communication and collaboration. A giant corporation can now be as nimble as a tiny startup, while a family firm located in a remote rural village now has the world as its

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