Does the Kaiser Have Personal Rule in Germany?

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Does the Kaiser have personal rule in Germany? Kaiser Wilhelm II had personal rule to an extent, however most historians generally believe that in fact, he did not. Wilhelm had an enormous influence over the chancellor’s he chose. Mainly because he believed that they would do as he told and abide by what he said. This control over his chancellor’s allowed him to set the agenda and manipulate them into doing exactly what he wanted. In 1892, Caprivi proposed legislation that would restore some of the church’s privileges over education, effectively reversing an important aspect of the Kulturkampf. However, Wilhelm had no intention of relying on the Centre Party to pass the bill therefore forced the withdrawal of the proposed legislation.…show more content…
This shows that the Kaiser did not have personal rule as the socialists were stronger than him. The Conservative government he desired was being pushed out by the majority. As much as the Kaiser had the ability to appoint his chancellors, he did not however have the ability to control their free will. With many of the chancellor’s appointed, Wilhelm would merely dismiss them as they became too independent minded and involved in policy making. In 1908 an article was published in the Daily Telegraph, detailing conversations the Kaiser had. Wilhelm suggested that whilst he himself was pro-British the German public opinion was not. This caused great controversy and severe criticism. In order to stop the Kaiser from intervening and creating a ‘personal government’, Wilhelm was forced to issue a statement, promising to respect the constitution. This shows that the Kaiser did not have personal rule as he couldn’t control his chancellor and had no control of the Reichstag. Kaiser Wilhelm II did not have personal rule as he didn’t have the ability to control his chancellors. Wilhelm wanted too much from his chancellors, he desired someone who would do exactly what he said, yet was able to control the Reichstag. In other words, he wanted a

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