Does the Level of Education Affect the Age at Which Women Get Married?

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Does the level of education affect the age at which women get married? Does the level of education affect the age at which women get married? This study will determine the affect of a woman’s level of education (EDUCATION) on a woman’s median age at first marriage (AGE_MARRIAGE) while holding constant the affects of a women’s living situation (RESIDENCE), men’s median age at marriage (M_AGE), and women’s median income (INCOME). The dependent variable AGE_MARRIAGE is determined by independent variables EDUCATION, RESIDENCE, M_AGE, and INCOME. The most important independent variable in this relationship is EDUCATION because I believe that a woman’s increased level of education directly affects when they get married. Definition of…show more content…
The adjusted R2 also suggests that 99.2% of the variation between the independent variables and the dependent variable is accounted for. Identify and Interpret the F Test H0 : H1 : Not all are 0 The p-value is 0.000 from the table on page 9. Using a .05 significance level, the p-value of 0.000 is significantly smaller than the significance level of 0.05. Since the p-value is smaller than the significance level, H0 is rejected and the alternate hypothesis is accepted that not all independent variables are 0. This means that at least one regression coefficient is not 0 and therefore, it is possible that one or all of the independent variables have the ability to explain the variation in the dependent variable of women’s median age at marriage. Identify and Interpret the t Tests for Each of the Coefficients Women’s level of education at a Bachelor’s Degree (EDUCATION) Ho: = 0 H1: ≠ 0 Let α = 0.05 Testing at the .05 significance level: N – (k + 1) = 30 – (4 + 1) = 25 degrees of freedom Reject H0 if t > 2.060 or t < -2.060 t = -0.65 Accept Ho at the .05 significance level as, -0.65 falls within the critical value criteria. Accept H0 using the p value approach as well because the p value for EDUCATION is 0.521 and greater than the significance level of .05. Therefore we fail to reject the null
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