Does the Marketing Mix Contribute to the Success of Ryanair? Essay

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For an organization of your choice, critically assess whether the marketing mix contributes to the success of the organization:

Does the Marketing Mix contribute to the success of Ryanair?
Student ID: 8392312 Course Code: BMAN70441 1. Introduction The marketing mix is an essential perspective in both marketing research and implementation. As the most common concept of the marketing mix, the classification of four Ps (Product, Price, Promotion and Place) is generally considered the synonym of the marketing mix and has been used by marketers throughout the globe since it was first advanced by E. Jerome McCarthy in 1960s (Reid,1980; Waterschoot and Bulte,1992). However, with the development and complication of marketing domain in recent
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This type of distribution channel can be categorised as direct distribution which normally is involved with digital technology (Danaher, et al., 2010). By using this type of distribution, Ryanair enhances its power on channel management and cost control; establishes a direct communication with consumers for its direct marketing.

4.3. Promotion Ryanair uses a promotion mix containing various promotion components such as advertisement, sales promotion, direct marketing and public relation (Colder, 2003). The principle of the promotion mix is to create an economic and efficient image of Ryanair and to increase its brand awareness to the new market. The promotion campaign of Ryanair is pragmatic: once a new route is conducted, Ryanair posts advertisements on the local media of the destination; releases some extremely low price ticket on the new route as sales promotion; send email promotions to its subscribers as direct marketing (Sakle, 2010). These efforts help Ryanair quickly entre the new markets as promoting its low price brand images to take the initial edge.

4.4. Price As a budget airline, Ryanair applies low price as the core factor of its marketing strategy (Clark, 2005). Price is the only tool in the marketing mix to earn revenues directly while the rest components are costs (Jobber, 2007). Although the aviation industry requires huge expenditures, Ryanair is still able to provide the cheapest air ticket to
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