Does the Theory of Evolution Contradict Creation?

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Evolution of Darwin and christianity

These days , a number of the view that the theory of evolution as formulated by Charles Darwin is not against religion . There also was not convinced that the theory of evolution but still also contribute in teaching and redistribute it . This would not have happened if they really understand the theory. This is due to the inability to understand the dogma of Darwinism , including the views of the most dangerous of these theories are indoctrinated to the society . Therefore , for those who believe in the existence of God as the sole creator of living beings , but at the same time the view that " God created a variety of living things through evolution , " let relearn basic dogma of the theory. This
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" This is because in life there are many example of the design ( design) deliberate with a very complicated and has been perfect . Even the cells forming a living thing has a very amazing design that definitively break the concept of " coincidence . "

Design and planning are outstanding in this life is definitely a sign of God's creation of a distinctive and incomparable , as well as the knowledge and power of His Infinity.

Evolutionists attempt to explain the origin of life by using the concept of coincidence has been denied by 20th century science . Even now , in the 21st century , they have suffered a major defeat . ( Please read the Blunders of Evolutionists , Harun Yahya , published by Vural Publishing ) . So , the reason why they are still denying creation by God in spite of this fact has been seen is the blind belief to atheism .

God did not create living things through evolution

By the fact that it shows the creation or design is intentional on the real life , the only question remaining is " through the process of how living things are created . " Here lies kesalahpamahaman that occurred among some of the believers . Erroneous logic that says that " Living things may be created through a process of evolution from one form to another " is actually related to how the process of creation takes place .

Indeed , if Allah willed , He could have created living beings through an evolutionary process that starts from an absence , as the above

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